Thursday, November 10, 2011

You can pay for school but you can't buy class

I am a very sweet person inside. Somewhere. Its not like I pride myself on being a bitch but it comes so naturally to those who deserve it that I somehow think its ok.

I have been in the restaurant business since I was thirteen years old and I have always loved it. I love giving my best and creating and "experience" for those around me. I have been able to deal with every kind of personality out there which, in some evil way, has created the monster I am capable of being today. I don't have to be one at all but once triggered, I have no regrets when it comes to chewing you up and spitting you out.

Is it neccessary to snap your fingers when you need my attention at the restaurant? Do you really feel the need to flip your hair at me like you have a place on this Earth if it weren't for your rich husband? Can you explain why I need to do anything more than pour your drink at the table and make sure you're not choking on anything that you feel the need to make comments to others you're seated with because I am not laughing hysterically at your jokes? No. None of this is necessary and yet people do it.

People should work at least one year in a restaurant before they go off in the world. It has given me a very thick skin but most of all its like one big psychology lesson. I have learned so much about people where I feel almost psychic. I know how to make people smile instantly. I came to realize that my demeanor can change someone else's in a split second. It takes nothing for me to smile and make sure you're okay and enjoying yourself. This is what makes me happy. I want people around me to feel at ease so I give off the energy immediately. Sometimes you just have to check your demons at the door...

Passion is what drives me. Wine and food is number one on this list. When I am confused on deciding what to eat when I go out I will always ask my server and read into their response. Selling me the specials of the day? The most expensive wine? Losing eye contact with me? Shrugging when they talk? That's all fake and they're taking you for a ride. When I am suggesting something at my restaurant, I pretty much pound it into your head that you're going to love it. I go into such detail about a food & wine pairing that you won't know what hit you. I believe in it. I believe in my passion and I believe that you didn't know something can taste so good. Why? Because you're in good company and the psychology of it all can really help in making dining an amazing experience...and if you don't like the dish I suggested, I will buy you a drink and make sure you get something you like because I want you to be happy.

So, go ahead at sit at my bar and don't say hello when I ask how you're doing... Interrupt me when I am trying to take someone else's order...Tell me how much more you know about my job than I do...jerk.

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