Friday, September 14, 2012

Delta Airlines Hates Poor People

Delta airlines won't serve its economy class good wine. Actually they will sell you the lowest of the low...

But, BUT, if you have're in luck! Master Sommelier, Andrea Robinson, has been selecting wines for this "we-are-above-you" airline since 2008. Those who fly business class get to drink wines selected by Ms. Robinson. Once you pass that little hell with you and the rest of you who can't afford it. What? You thought putting money away for your kids college fund was a good idea? Shame on you and your stupid responsibilities. (Inside Scoop)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Big soda in NYC is banned!

I hate soda!

Hopefully, this will start a trend out there that maybe a glass of water now and then won't hurt! I never understood soda lovers. How can anyone drink something with so little knowledge of what's in there? Coloring, artificial flavors, chemicals, etc. So gross.

NYC Board Of Health Approves Big Drink Ban Proposal « CBS New York

Throwback to when I was on the cover of Beverage Media Magazine

Everything about this was fun! It was a highlight of my career in this business!